Buying with The Ottawa House Hunters

As the Ottawa House Hunters, we help all sorts of buyers find all sorts of properties. Sometimes we’re able to bring properties to our buyers before they even hit the market. Whatever you’re looking for, get yourself set up with Ottawa’s Premier Hunting Party and let your hunt begin!

First Timers
You’re buying your first house. Exciting times! But as easy as it looks on HGTV, houses can be tricky prey and hunting them is more complicated than it seems in a 30 minute TV show. There are lots of moving parts and potential pitfalls. Thankfully, we can help guide you through the process, and it costs you nothing. Make this “first time” one you’ll remember fondly.
If you’re a condo buyer then you’re hunting for a lifestyle. Cutting grass, shoveling snow, and worrying about the roof just isn’t for you. You’re willing to compromise a little on space for the convenience of living where it’s at. But don’t compromise on making sure someone is looking after your interests. We can educate you about the different buildings and the nuts and bolts of condo living.
The stress of moving your entire life to another city or country is enormous. Add to that a short house hunting trip in which to find, offer, inspect and finalize a property and it can quickly become overwhelming. We have helped all types of clients relocate to Ottawa and we work with you before you arrive to ensure that your precious time in Ottawa is well spent. Communication is key, and a team that knows the city as well as we do is an invaluable resource. Contact us and we’ll send you our relocation package to get your hunt started. We are a registered Third Party Service Provider with Brookfield Global Relocation Services.
If you’re bursting at the seams and you need some more space to stretch out we’ll save you time, money, and energy. Your needs have changed since you bought your first home and you’re looking for something that will work for your family for years to come. Often this move is more challenging with family considerations as well as the sale of your current home. We can provide expert advice and service on all fronts to make this a positive experience.
This time’s a little different. The kids are gone and it’s about finding a property that’s exactly what you want! Time is on your side and you’re not in a rush. Let us work with you through the process and take advantage of all of our resources to make the transition into the next stage of your life.
Poor stock market returns? Looking to build some retirement income? Maybe a home for your University student? Whether it is a pre-construction condo, duplex, triplex, apartment building or renovation, our team works with you to find, analyze, and invest in various types of real estate. If you’re looking to put your money into a solid, appreciating investment we can help you build your long term wealth.

Carlos Fernando