When Selling…

When you’re selling your property you need to list with a strong, reputable company. We market to buyers with a clear and concise message. Whatever your selling needs, we have a plan to get your home sold.

New Sellers
 If you’ve never sold a home before, you probably have lots of questions about where to begin. A safe bet is to call the team that brings a strong work ethic and passion to the sale of your home. You are the YouTube and Twitter generation and you need a team that utilizes these technologies effectively. You also know how high buyers’ expectations are, but is your Realtor equipped to meet them?
Condo Owner
 Selling a condo requires a different approach. The condo sale is about selling a lifestyle, and the Ottawa condo market is delivering some fantastic product. With potential limitations on signage and open houses, the “traditional” selling methods aren’t always appropriate here. List with a team with a strong web presence and a highly visual marketing plan. It should be effective enough to sell your property to someone on the other side of the globe.
 The kids have moved out; the stairs are getting to be too much, you’re spending half of your weekend mowing the lawn. Whatever the reasons it’s time to free up your time so that you can really enjoy life! The process can be a slow-moving one but once the thought begins to take root, let’s have a conversation to answer some of your initial questions and plan your strategy. Information is power.
Estate Sales
Few things can be as stressful as the sale of a home of a loved one. These sales can be fraught with emotion, legal, and tax implications, and can often be made worse if there is discord among family members. Patience, understanding, and experience are key here. As a calm, knowledgeable, and impartial team we can work on behalf of all interested parties while maximizing the sale of the home.

The trend for some Sellers to try and sell their home on their own is well known in Ottawa. But for every positive story there are many more houses that don’t sell. With changing market conditions in Ottawa you want to list where buyers are looking and where your home will get noticed!

If you’ve tried the FSBO route and you’re feeling you’re not getting the traffic to your home that will get your house sold, let the Ottawa House Hunters to take over the process. In fact, we may have a buyer waiting for a home just like yours.

There is a difference. Let us show you.

Selecting a Realtor
  • Audit their online presence and use of social media.
  • Are they using professional photography? This would seem to be a requirement but we continue to see poor photos of homes. If potential buyers don’t fall in love with the home online, they won’t be seeing the home in person.
  • Are they using video? The YouTube generation is here. They’re visual and you have a short window to grab their attention. Don’t waste it!
  • Technology changes quickly. Pick a Realtor who keeps on top of the latest trends.
  • Are they staging the property? HGTV has raised expectations, rise with them.
  • Meet them in person. Do you like and connect with them? More importantly, will potential buyers?
  • Review their marketing strategy. What are they doing that’s different?
  • Get references and actually call them! Go ahead, our clients are friendly.
  • How is their after sale support? Are they keeping in touch with past clients and taking care of them?
  • How much of their business is by referral? Happy clients refer their friends and family.
  • Do they get results? How many houses do they sell in a year?
  • Are they giving back to the community?

Selling Your Home?