Tales from the Hunt- Client Spotlight

by admin

Meet our lovely clients Leslie and Jason Watt and their little one, Amelia.



Was there any note worthy, funny or remarkable stories, that you experienced during your house hunting or selling?

We were returning clients to Carlos and Gary so have developed a wonderful relationship with both over the years! Upon our first meeting with Carlos to discuss listing our home and looking for a new home we were able to share some exciting news with him! Our reason for this move was we were just over 3 months pregnant with our first child! They were both genuinely happy for us and understood from there, that this was our quest to find a home to start and grow our family in. I don’t have a specific story, but we so appreciated their commitment to the search and their honest feed back when we were viewing homes and exploring different areas. There were even a couple times Carlos was honest enough to just say, “Nope, this is not the home for you”, haha!  They were patient, taking us back to a couple homes multiple times and encouraged us to keep up with the search when the first home we both really loved was sold just before we could put in an offer. That led us to the home we have happily enjoyed over the last year. It is in a wonderful growing community, and is the perfect combination of the things we both were hoping for in our family home! We are so thankful to have had Carlos and Gary to help us along this journey!



What is your favorite room in your house and why?

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen/living room. It is an open space and that was something we were looking for. It allows me to be in the kitchen preparing dinner, doing dishes, baking or whatever and still be a part of what is happening in the living room. It is a bright area of our home with nice big windows and we are looking forward to building a deck off the patio doors to begin enjoying the outside space as well! It is a great space in the kitchen with a nice island which seems to be where most people enjoy hanging out when we have friends and family over! Its a space we have made some wonderful memories in so far! 



Do you plan on doing any renovations on your house?

We have plans to finish our basement in the future. It is something we both enjoy going down and talking, planning possible options and lay out ideas. It is nice to have a clean slate, an area we can design together and make exactly what we want. Although I think when the time comes my husband will be a little disappointed to see his hockey area disappear! 


If you were hosting a dinner party and could have any 3 guests, who would it be?

Jennifer Lawrence (I’d hope I’m right but she seems so laid back and whitty)

Wayne Gretzky (For my Husband, it would be great to see his face, haha)

Reba McIntyre (Long time Fan)



What is your favorite Ottawa landmark?

Our favorite Ottawa landmark is the Rideau Canal. Jason has fond memories of coming into Ottawa to skate on the Canal as a kid, and enjoying it in the winters after he moved to Ottawa to attend University. We met for the first time in winter and the canal had just opened. I mentioned my desire to try skating on the canal as I had never done it before. By our fourth date he had surprised me with brand new skates and a night out on the canal. We had a wonderful time, him skating circles around me as I struggled to stand up or move even remotely quickly! I was so thankful for the benches along the way. Since then we have enjoyed it many times both summer and winter. We look forward to making memories there with our family for years to come!